ICCM and Set Free have been partnering together for several years to raise awareness and funds to fight human trafficking. Because awareness is the first line of defense in this type of battle the ICCM Cambodia Freedom Fund in 2018 will be used to help educate church leaders and children.

It will focus on protection in weekly learning activities for the children. It will include intentional education about all forms of child abuse and exploitation to all church leaders and staff who work directly with children and parents. Give now click here. Select Cambodia Freedom Fund in the drop down menu.

Contact Jen Finley ( or 1-800-342-5531 ext. 228) for ICCM promotional pieces (bulletin insert - PDF / PowerPoint slide / August Reflections).



Become a new abolitionist. Join ICCM and others to end 21st-Century slavery. 

There's a rising global scourge in this century.  It is the specter of slavery and trafficking of children and youth.  Today, millions of young people are being held against their will and used for forced labor, commercial sex trafficking, and to pay down family debts.  ICCM is linking arms with anti-trafficking advocates around the world. We invite our friends and sponsors to join with us to wipe out this terrible reality and bring freedom to those in bondage.


To receive a Freedom Sunday Action Kit, CLICK HERE.

ICCM links arms with The Set Free Movement, abolitionist leader and missionary Kevin Austin, and congregations, groups and individual advocates to combat and end trafficking. Learn about our connection by clicking on the logo above.