Boundless Opportunities refers to the amazing possibilities opening up for us in India, land of 360 million children. We now support children in 15 hostels and children's homes, where they have the opportunity to attend school and live together with loving Christian house parents. About 20 percent of these children are orphans. Some others come from remote villages without schools, so they live in a hostel near a school. Some children's parents live on the streets of large cities, so children live in a hostel to have a roof over their heads and food to eat, as well as getting an education.

Residential care of children requires extra funds, considering the need for health, safety, nutrition and supervision of well over a thousand children. Our partner organizations within the Free Methodist Church of India are in first position for all matters related to financial and legal obligations and personnel. ICCM's Boundless Opportunities fund covers a variety of important health and safety needs to support this ministry. Recent requests have been to build security walls, sick rooms and parents' visiting rooms; provide kitchen equipment, guard dogs, and a fire escape. One of our core values is Watchfulness, in which we express our commitment to be vigilant in protecting children from all sorts of harm, especially when they are living away from their parents. Gifts to Boundless Opportunities will be greatly appreciated!