Ready to invest in the university education of an ICCM graduate?

Take it to the next level with ICCM's new Emerging Leaders Scholarship Fund

International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) knows that most of the ICCM students who graduate from secondary school in an environment of poverty will never have the chance to seek higher education.  So, what if the brightest and best could develop their God-given potential through a college education and return to their communities to lead in family, church and society?

Through this new initiative, initially funded by a gracious anonymous gift, ICCM will identify Christian young men and women who have been sponsored through our program who now show great potential to become Christian leaders.  Through this Emerging Leaders Scholarship Fund, they will receive the opportunity to get an undergraduate degree and grow in their Christian leadership capacities.

Each candidate for this program will meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate strong evidence of Christian character and witness to a vibrant and growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ
  • Exhibit outstanding leadership qualities in secondary school, church, and community
  • Maintain high academic performance, along with extracurricular activities
  • Be recommended by pastor and school director  
  • Graduate from secondary school
  • Graduate from ICCM’s sponsorship program

In addition to providing for tuition, books, fees and room and board (when necessary), ICCM’s Emerging Leaders Scholarship Fund will offer students an online forum for learning from one another and from ICCM Director Dr. Linda Adams and other Christian leaders.  Students will join a closed network of other ICCM-sponsored young adults emerging as leaders in their countries through a website designed specifically for their use.

Please join us in prayerful consideration in this new endeavor.  We feel it is the necessary next step to develop strong leadership in the countries where ICCM sponsors are already making a significant investment in changed lives.