Make a difference with a group project

Consider the following options for awareness- and fund-raising opportunities your group can engage in.

$585 will pay for one month of children's ministries in the Agape Conference in India.  12,000 children attended VBS in this conference last summer, led by 800 trained young adult teachers.  These same teachers are conducting Sundays Schools throughout the year to bring Good News to children in Indian villages.

$500 to Ann's Angel Fund will allow ICCM to meet the next emergency medical need request that comes to our office for a sponsored child whose sponsor cannot afford extra support.

$50 purchases a Sawyer water filter for a school or household in Haiti.  Contaminated water is the leading cause of disease and death in the world.  These water filters save lives and last a lifetime.  How many water filters can your group purchase?  Challenge them.  See the information and resources on our water filter page.