Answers to our most frequently asked questions about sponsoring

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

The cost is $30 a month.  Or, think of it as $1 a day.  This amount is kept low because of the participation and partnership of Free Methodist churches in the villages and cities where ICCM children are served.

What is the best way to get my support to a child?

Good: Monthly or quarterly checks

Better: Automatic credit card pays

Even better: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Best: Annual check for full $360 sponsorship

How do I send support?

Please note these convenient options:

1. Electronic Funds Transfer.  Many sponsors find electronic funds transfer (EFT) both convenient and cost-saving. Please call us at 1-800-342-5531 if you would like to begin automatic bank withdrawal (EFT) or click here to set it up and manage it yourself.

2. Debit or credit card.  To use a debit or credit card, you can call us or make either a one-time or recurring automatic payment by clicking here to set it up and manage it yourself.

3. To reduce postal expenses, consider sending your support annually, semi-annually or quarterly. However, send it monthly if that is best for you.  When writing a check, please make it payable to International Child Care Ministries and send it to this address:

Child's name & number
International Child Care Ministries
770 N High School Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46214

What about remittances, receipts and envelopes?

A pre-paid remittance envelope is enclosed with each mailed receipt when you pay by check. The bottom 1/3 of your receipt is a return form to send with your next support check. The top portion is for your own tax records. Please note: electronic funds transfer (EFT) and credit card receipts are issued only at year's end.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you forget to pay, your child will miss that month's benefits. So, please be sure to send your support at the beginning of the period for which you are paying. If you miss a month's support, please try to catch up.

What proportion of my support reaches the child?

Each month, 80% of the support money is sent to their Field Coordinator to directly help the child. 5% goes into a scholarship fund to help children in secondary/high school whose sponsors drop out before they complete their education. 15% is used to administer the sponsorship ministry. All accounts, both on the field and in the home office, are audited regularly.

What does my support accomplish?

Your sponsorship provides for school fees, books, supplies, and food. This assistance helps prevent malnutrition, gives the child self-respect, hope for the future, a feeling of well-being and the knowledge that someone beyond his or her local situation loves and cares.

In certain countries, sponsorship money also supports ICCM schools and enables them to serve good food to the students.

Through ICCM sponsorship, children are nurtured spiritually. They learn about Christ and many come to know Jesus as Savior. Eligibility for sponsorship includes attending a Free Methodist Sunday school and church regularly.

Does anyone else sponsor the child I sponsor?

No. Each child is assigned to only one individual, family or group at a time. They are flesh-and-blood children with a name. They are known by our Free Methodist church people and missionaries.

How long should I continue with my sponsorship?

If possible, we hope your commitment to sponsor a child will continue until the child finishes high school. You are their vital partner on a growth and development journey!  However, if at any time you feel unable to continue as a sponsor, you may discontinue by writing or e-mailing to the International Child Care Ministries office, or use the online form at Contact Us.

Will the child I sponsor write to me?

Yes, under normal conditions, twice a year. Your letters may take several months to arrive because of travel, translation, and mail. If your child has not yet learned how to write, letters will be written by a family member or friend. In countries in crisis, letters are less frequent.

Will I receive updated photos of the child I sponsor? 

Yes.  Under normal conditions, sponsors should receive updated photos of their sponsored child every two years. You can watch them grow.

May I write to my sponsored child?

Certainly! Though you are not required to write, letters are a blessing to a child. He or she will know your name and treasure the thought that you really care. A handwritten, mailed letter is best. Please us the following address:

Child's name & number
International Child Care Ministries
770 N High School Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46214

All correspondence should go through our office. Write clear, simple English so our translators will not have difficulty in translating your letter.

If you wish, you may enclose a card, letter, and/or photo with your support. We will forward these to the child for you.

Please do not include any part of your address in your correspondence. Also, please do not refer to material possessions or affluence.

You may also write to your child using the form provided on this website: click here to write online.

How long will it take my letter to reach my child?

Possibly serveral months. Your letter must be translated before it can be given to your child.  Once translated in their own country, it will be hand-delivered. Letters are distributed along with monthly sponsor support.

What shall I write about?

  • Send a photo of yourself and family (even pets!). Tell about each one. A child would like to have your picture.
  • Special hobbies you may have.
  • Projects you or your family are doing.
  • Church or school activities.
  • Special celebrations.
  • Description of the weather (many children have never experienced snow).
  • Bible verses.

May I send a gift to the child I sponsor?

Monetary gifts are welcome. Our Field Coordinators help each child make local purchases. Enclose the gift amount with your support remittance, or give your gift with our donate online form. You may send a very small gift if it is flat and fits in a regular #10 envelope. Such gifts may include stickers, hair ties, etc. You are always welcome and encouraged to send cards, letters and photos of yourself and family. We cannot send large gifts as it adds many taxes and duties to the packages sent.

Can I make a special contribution to ICCM?

Yes. There are special needs or projects in places where extra funds are urgently needed for feeding children, medical care, or opening a new school or hostel. Please go to our Special Funds to see a range of urgent areas needing support.

Or, you may call us at 1-800-342-5531.

Who administers the funds of the sponsorship program?

Each country has an ICCM National Coordinator who carefully administers donated funds. In some countries, the National Coordinator is a missionary. In other places, National Coordinators are locally-chosen leaders who work with mission treasurers to coordinate our sponsorship program.

Please contact us if you have more questions.